March Camp – Sign Up Now!

Troop! March Camp is this Friday!    Camp sign-ups are underway now and camp registration will close this Tuesday night at 9PM.  We ask that you please sign-up before the start of the upcoming Tuesday troop meeting.  You can sign-up now using this link: March Camp Sign-Up  We remind you that even if you paid with a check, please sign-up online through the Eventbrite system as this is our main registration system for camp.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already done so please submit any outstanding medical, transportation or parents surveys by 3/8/16. Any Scout camping without his parent must have a BSA Medical Form submitted in order to camp.

For many new scouts and families to the troop, March Father/Son Camp is a brand new experience.  We’re excited to have so many new scouts with us this year and we’ve prepared detailed information below.  Please review it carefully in order to ensure a successful camp.

ABOUT FATHER/SON CAMP:  It has been a Troop 701 tradition for over 25 years to hold a Father/Son camp every year.  We hold Father/Son Camp is March because it is designed to be the first camping experience for our new scouts and families.  It’s important that you know that while we invite scouts to camp with their fathers, please send your scout to camp solo or with an uncle, grandfather or another family member if dad cannot make camp.  We want to see all scouts at camp!

WHERE/WHEN – Camp is Friday, March 11th through Sunday, March 13th.  The troop will meet up at Camp Miakonda, located at 5600 W Sylvania Ave, Toledo, OH 43623. Please arrive at camp between 6:30 and 8:00 PM.  If possible, please try to time your arrival to 7PM.  We will have Troop 701 staff there to greet you in the parking lot.  If you plan to arrive at camp late Friday night or if you need to leave camp early, please speak to the Scoutmaster.   If a scout needs a ride, please contact the troop and we will help you make arrangements.

ABOUT THE CABINS –  We will be cabin camping in comfortable and well heated cabins.  We will sleep in bunks that include a mattresses.  Father and son camp in the same cabin but in separate areas.  It’s suggested that you bring a sheet and sleeping bag or blanket(s).  Bring a small pillow too if you prefer.  Earplugs can be a good idea too.

WHAT TO WEAR/GEAR  – Please watch the weather forecast for the Toledo area and dress accordingly.   Plan to spend considerable time outdoors playing games.  Always bring waterproof boots, rain jacket, hat, gloves, layered clothing, coat and extra socks and clothes.

Here are additional items to bring to March Camp:

  • Scouts – Class A Scout Uniform (Scout Shirt and Scout Pants)
  • Scouts are to arrive and depart camp wearing their Class A Uniform.
  • 1 Quart Water bottle
  • Coffee mug styled cup with lid
  • Flash Light
  • Advancement Book and Scout Handbook
  • Tooth brush/toothpaste/hand towel
  • Medications

WHAT TO EXPECT – March camp is about fathers enjoying the weekend with their sons.  The scouts in our PLC have put together a great program for the weekend, and we ask that everyone participate and stick to our agenda.  When you arrive at camp, check-in takes place in the parking lot.  Depending upon your cabin assignment, please expect to carry your gear between 100 and 300 yards.  First year scouts camp nearest the parking lot.  Arrive at camp having eaten dinner.   There will be a snack Friday night.  March Camp is the only camp of the year with dining hall service.  We will eat at 8AM, Noon and 5PM and we serve evening snacks. A hot Sunday breakfaster is also served.    While it’s difficult to predict exactly when we will depart camp, a target departure time is 10 AM Sunday morning.  

We hope this information helps you and please contact Scoutmaster Tirey if you have any questions.  Again, camp sign-ups are underway right now and we ask that everyone sign-ups as soon as possible.




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