Medical Form Updates

Please make sure that you have checked the expiration date of your Scout’s medical form on TroopWebHost. All expiration dates in TroopWebHost now reflect the medical forms that have been submitted to the troop. In addition, emails were recently sent out by our Health & Safety Officer, Dr. Laura Eizember, indicating any aspects of your son’s medical forms that need to be reviewed, updated, or submitted (whether your son is attending summer camp or not). Dr. Eizember will be at the next two troop meetings (on June 11th and 18th) to review the forms with you, and collect any paperwork. Your Scout’s medical form must be valid through the month of June 2024 in order to attend high adventure, and it must be valid through the month of July 2024 to be able to attend summer camp.

Also, Heritage Scout Reservation requires a supplemental medical form (attached) in addition to BSA’s Parts A, B, & C. We know that this is in many cases duplicate information, but their Council requires this summary for all campers.

Please complete the supplemental medical form and turn it in to Dr. Eizember at either of the next two troop meetings, or at the family picnic on July 2.

Thank you for helping your Scout get ready for his summer adventures!

LHC Supplemental Medical Form

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