Medieval Mythology Camp – May 17-19

Our next camp is Medieval Mythology camp, scheduled for the weekend of May 17-19 at Camp Stambaugh, in Canfield, OH. Please sign up for camp on TroopWebHost. In addition to medieval games and activities involving dragons, unicorns, riddles, and jousting; the main event for camp will be an epic Sock War! As part of the Sock War, scouts will be throwing balled up socks at each other, in order to “hit” their opponent, and temporarily knock them out of the battle. The amount of fun increases with the number of socks flying through the air (it’s a scientific fact), so if you have any old socks that you have outgrown or don’t need anymore, please bring them with you to camp. Scouts are also allowed to bring nerf/soft swords and homemade shields to use during the Sock War. Lastly, if you have any extra tarps, you can use those to help build and fortify your team’s fort. Just make sure to please put your name on your items.

This will once again be a tent camp, so please bring the necessary equipment and gear. Think about gear that you didn’t bring enough of for last month’s camp, or gear that you brought and didn’t need to use, and adjust your packing list accordingly. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast, and let that help guide you in your planning and preparation. There will also be opportunities at camp for outdoor advancements, so please take some time before camp to practice any requirements you want to work on, and don’t forget to bring your white or green advancement book.

If you have any questions about camp, please ask a Youth Leader, or an adult. Hope to see you there!

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