Merit Badge Prep

A number of the merit badges offered at Summer Camp have requirements that must be completed at home BEFORE camp. If these requirements are not completed, and brought with you to camp, you may not earn the merit badge. Check the “Troop 701 MB Signups” file (which will be available at tonights’ meeting) to see the merit badges you are signed up for, and then check the “SC MB Prereq” file to find out if any of the badges you are taking have requirements that you need to complete before camp. You can find out what each of these requirements are by visiting and looking at the specific requirements for the badge you are interested in.

In addition, a few badges require you to bring something from home:

Fishing: bring your own fishing gear
Fish & Wildlife Management: bring a fishing rod
Photography: bring a digital camera
Moviemaking: bring a digital camera, with video
Lifesaving: long pants, long-sleeve shirt, belt

If you don’t have a fishing rod to bring, you may be able to borrow from someone else who brings one.

Please make sure to complete these requirements before camp, and don’t forget to bring the necessary gear for the badges you are taking.

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