Merit Badge Virtual Resources

In the spirit of “every cloud has a silver lining,” Mrs. Miley has pointed out that the pandemic has created some opportunities for Scouts to learn skills for advancements online, or to pursue merit badges virtually.

Please remember that your Scout should have a current CyberChip certification (required to achieve Scout and Star ranks) before pursuing these online activities. You can find the CyberChip requirements for your Scout’s age by googling “BSA CyberChip.”

Resources to learn skills needed for advancements:
– Lake Erie Council resources (
– Animations for knot tying (

Merit Badge Resources
– For in-person options, look at the Facebook group “A View from the Office – Lake Erie Council” or use the calendar at
– For online merit badge classes with Lake Erie Council, look at
– Other councils and organizations (i.e. nature centers) may be offering online merit badge that can be found with a google search.

Please remember that before a Scout starts to work on a merit badge, he must reach out to Mr. Smith or Mr. Kent to get connected with a BSA-registered, Youth Protection Trained Merit Badge Counselor and to receive a blue card.

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