Mother Son Camp May 6th-8th at Camp Butler

May camp will be our annual Mother Son Camp May 6th-8th at Camp Butler in Penninsula. Moms are welcome to come out and spend the entire weekend, stay just one night or spend the day with us on Saturday.

Scouts are expected to remain at camp for its entirety even if mom leaves camp early.

When registering for camp there are various options this month. When registering your scout for camp please choose to sign him up utilizing either the “Scout Account” or the “Scout Registration” options.

For moms registering for camp please note there are multiple options available. Moms who elect to only spend the day on Saturday need to register selecting one of the “Mom spending the day” options. If mom is spending either or both nights she will need to chose one of the “Mom camping” options.

Please note, moms are able to pay either with their son’s scout account or electronically through Eventbrite. Any mom who plans to participate in any of this camp must be registered. There are only 18 spots available in the cabin for moms so it is important that if you are staying for the day only that you register correctly. The cabin space will be given to the first 18 moms that register to camp.

Moms are also welcome to bring a tent and tent camp for the weekend as well. We look forward to seeing you then!

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