Mr. Tirey earns Year Round Camper award

Camping for 12 consecutive months may sound easy, yet it can be challenging for Scouts and adult leaders alike. To earn the award, members must attend summer camp, Polar Bear/winter camp, go backpacking and attend all troop campouts for a full year. Those who do so earn the coveted Year Round Camper award.

The most recent person to earn Year Round Camper is our Scoutmaster, Mr. Jeff Tirey. Beginning at Gold Rush 2014, Mr. Tirey camped for 12 consecutive months, completing his Year Round Camper award Aug. 28 at Gold Rush 2015. Mr. Tirey will be recognized for his accomplishment at the Fall 2015 Troop Court of Honor.

Scouts and other adult leaders who are on their way to earning Year Round Camper include (name – number of consecutive months):

  • Mr. Rob K. – 7
  • Alex K. – 6
  • Adam V. – 5
  • Karlo G. – 4
  • Austin L. – 4

If you have not earned the Year Round Camper award, you may start and finish in any month. Please see Mr. Tirey or another adult leader if you’d like more information.

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