Must Read – Pre-Camp Merit Badge Prerequisites

Summer Camp Merit Badge Pre-requisites

For the scouts attending Summer Camp, some of the merit badges have requirements that should be completed before camp, and brought with you to turn in to the merit badge counselor. Other merit badges require you to bring certain items from home (i.e. a camera for Photography merit badge).

To see if any of the merit badges you are taking have any pre-requisites, or need you to bring specific items, please look at the Class Schedule Document from this link:


Scroll through the document to find your page, which will show the merit badges you are scheduled to take. If there are pre-requisites for the badge, they will be listed. To find out what those specific requirements are, you can go to

and click on the link for the badge you are interested in. There are also PDF workbooks for each merit badge, that you can use when working on the requirements.

Please note that if you are taking either of the merit badges being taught on site by a Troop 701 Adult Leader (Wilderness Survival at 9 AM or Personal Fitness at 2 PM), they will not be listed in your schedule. These merit badges do not have any pre-requisites.

Failure to complete any pre-requisites may result in a scout not completing the badge at camp. Please contact Wes Kent if you have any questions. Thanks!

View/Download Merit Badge Class_Schedule

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