New Scout Conference and New Parent Meeting

When a new Scout joins Troop 701, the Scout and his parents must schedule an introductory meeting with the Scoutmaster. This brief outline will help ensure a successful meeting. The discussion will take about 45 minutes and has two purposes:

First:  The Scoutmaster will meet with the Scout to fulfill requirement #7 of the Scout rank, which is “since joining the troop and while working on [the] Scout rank, participate in a Scoutmaster conference.” During the conference, the Scoutmaster will learn a bit more about the Scout, understand what his goals and challenges are, and find out from him how he’s doing in his new troop. The Scoutmaster will help him find his “Scout Spirit” and, above all, do a lot of listening.

Second:  Having met with the Scout, the Scoutmaster will also spend time with the parent or guardian. This is a chance to get acquainted and has several objectives:

  • The foremost goal is to understand aspects of the Scout’s health and safety. The Scoutmaster needs to learn everything appropriate regarding the Scout’s health, medications, learning style, and/or any specific challenges. By preparing the Scoutmaster, the troop and parents can work to ensure that the Scout has successful experiences at camp.
  • Key expectations about the program, specifically:
    • How parents play a role in the troop’s success;
    • The importance of camping;
    • Troop 701’s year-round camper award; and
    • Troop 701’s service awards.
  • How to support the Scout as he prepares for a campout, including the importance of him packing his own gear, as well as what kind of gear and clothing he needs.
  • The parents’ role in Scout advancement.
  • Finally, the Scoutmaster will answer any specific questions.

There are things parents can do ahead of the meeting to make it more productive. Please review our online Parent Guide here  and review the rest of the information under the “Our Program” menu on the  website.

Thank you again for scheduling this important first meeting and welcome to Troop 701!

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