Orienteering Opportunities

One of the parts of requirement 4a for the First Class rank is to use a map and compass to complete an orienteering course covering at least one mile in length. The troop will typically offer these courses a couple of times a year at our weekend campouts, with the next opportunity scheduled for our campout in April.

For Scouts who want to complete the requirement sooner, there are orienteering courses at Richfield Heritage Preserve. These courses were developed and installed by Troop 701 alumnus Alex Klaben as part of his Eagle Scout project. You can find information and maps for the courses at the following link:

Things To Do

The short course covers one mile, and would satisfy the First Class requirement. Scouts should take pictures of the markers at each of the points along the course to show that they have completed it.

If you have any questions, or need to borrow a compass, please speak to an adult leader. Happy trails!

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