Parent Drivers Needed!

Troop 701 Parents, if you have not yet volunteered to drive to camp please sign-up immediately.

As a reminder,  Per the Troop 701 Bylaws: Parent(s) / guardian(s) are required to drive to or from camps a total of two (2) times per Scout per year. If after four months of camp a family has not participated in transporting Scouts to or from monthly camp, they may be required to arrange transportation for their respective Scout(s). The Troop does not reimburse drivers for gas mileage in driving Scouts to or from camp (except for select High Adventure trips).

There are a number of families that have not yet driven to any camps this school year. If you have not yet driven scouts (other than your own) to and/or from a monthly camp out you must sign up to drive twice in and of the following months: February, April or June 2016. Please make sure you register online to drive or you let Kim Begany know you are driving to/from camp. This is the only way we can accurately record who has driven. Sign ups have been created in Eventbrite for your convenience. If you have any questions, please see Shawna Serna

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