Parent Driving Instructions

As a supplement to our parent meeting, if anyone has a last minute driving issue, please call Laura Eizember at 440-821-2445 or Kate Miley at 440-785-1578. If this is an issue arising on Friday, please keep calling until one of us answers the phone. Please do NOT email last minute issues as we don’t see them right away.

If you have an issue or are lost while driving, please call Laura or Kate who will try to get you on track. We don’t want any of the leaders who are also driving trying to find you on a map while they are driving in the dark.

For those of you that have not noticed it, on TroopWebHost, the name of each camp is a hyperlink. If you click on it, it gives you the address and a map. Sometimes we include more detailed instructions if necessary, like the camp entrance to use or the site name.

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