Patrol Outpost Camp – April 26-28

This month’s camp is Patrol Outpost Camp, scheduled for the weekend of April 26-28, at Firelands Scout Reservation in Wakeman, OH. For this camp, the individual patrols have been working on planning out their own schedule, activities/games, and meals for the weekend. This is one of the most anticipated camps of the year, as it gives each patrol the opportunity to basically “do their own thing.” Although each patrol will be staying in their own campsite, they will be close to the other patrols (as well as the staff and adults) in case they want to participate in any activities with their fellow scouts.

Please sign up on TroopWebHost if you are planning to join us for the weekend. Remember, you are required to sign up on TWH, even if you turn in a check for camp at a meeting, and tell an adult that you are going. Also, with the patrols doing their own food shopping on April 23rd, we are asking everyone to please sign up on TWH for this camp as soon as possible, so that we have accurate numbers while purchasing the food.

Although the patrols will be functioning on their own for the weekend, we will still be traveling to and from camp as a troop. We will be meeting at Chapman Elementary School on Drake Road, in Strongsville, at 6:45 PM on Friday the 26th. We are anticipating a return to Chapman at around 10:30 AM on Sunday.

This camp also marks a return to tent camping. Please don’t forget to bring a ground tarp and ground pad with you to camp, as well as to prepare for the weather, which can still be challenging this time of year. Please pack warm layers, a flashlight/headlamp, rain gear, extra socks, a stocking cap, and some pairs of gloves. Wearing boots to camp is also recommended.

If you have any questions about camp, please talk to your Patrol Leader, or an adult. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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