PLC Elections

As you know, scouts are elected to the PLC by their peers at Summer Camp.  Please review the below information on this year’s PLC election process.

For Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders Candidates
All scouts wanting to serve as Patrol Leader or be considered for Assistant Patrol Leader must attend a job orientation workshop in order to have your name placed on the Patrol Leaders ballot or be eligible for consideration as an assistant.  The purpose of the workshop is to go over responsibilities, key dates and answer questions.  At least one parent of the candidate is required to attend, and it advisable that both parents attend.

To be eligible for Patrol Leader a scout must be going into the 8th Grade with the rank of First Class or above.  To be eligible for Assistant Patrol Leader a scout must be going into the 7th grade and be the rank of 2nd class or above.

We will be having two job orientation workshops.  Scouts need only attend one of the meetings.

Tuesday, May 23rd 6:00-6:45 PM
Tuesday, June 6th 6:00-6:45 PM 

Again, Patrol Leader Candidates and Assistant Patrol Leaders nominees must attend along with at least one of their parents  in order to be eligible.

For Senior Patrol Leader Candidates
All scouts wishing to place their name on the ballot for Senior Patrol Leader must arrange a conference with the Scoutmaster.

For Staff & Positions of Responsibility
For scouts wishing to serve on staff or positions of responsibility the process is the same as years past. Shortly there will be a link to an online form in order to apply for an interview. All interviews are held at Summer Camp. If you cannot attend Summer Camp, you must make arrangements with the managing Adult Advisor(s) to setup an interview before summer camp.

To be eligible for Staff Positions of IN, TG, QM a scout must be going into the 9th grade and be the rank of 1st Class or above.  To be eligible for the Positions of Responsibility for Den Chief, Chaplain, Librarian, and Historian a scout must be the rank of Scout.

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