Please let us know your Summer Camp Plans!

As we previously announced, Troop 701 will be attending summer camp at Beaumont Scout Reservation this year, from July 18-23. The total cost of summer camp will be $370.

The payments for Beaumont work a little differently than the payment schedule for Heritage Scout Reservation, and so we need your help to make sure we reserve a spot for your Scout!

Please go to either the Calendar (July) on TroopWebHost, or use the MyStuff->MyScout menu to signup. Please let us know if your Scout will attend, will not attend, or if you are still uncertain about summer camp this year. This will help us make our reservations.

We are asking you to complete your signup on TroopWebHost and deposit at least $140 in your Scout’s Summer Camp account on TroopWebHost by this Tuesday in order to reserve your spot.

The remainder of the payment for summer camp will be due by April 20.

Thanks for helping us get ready for a great summer camp experience!

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