Popcorn 2019: A Message from the Kernel (Jeff Riskin)

Our 2019 Popcorn Sale Fundraiser is underway!

First, a few reminders……….

The popcorn sale is our only fundraiser that also helps the council. This means that in addition to the benefit to our troop, we also help out scouts all across the region, including those in areas where scouting is underfunded.

You add to your scout account with each sale. This year we get 40% on each sale (both online and in show and sell). That means for every $100.00 you sell, $20 goes to the troop and $20 goes right into your account.

Now for something completely different………

We can now accept credit cards, and there is no fee. Just register as a scout at trails-end.com, then download the Trail’s End app. You can sell straight from that App, and either manually enter a credit card number or attach a Square reader to your device. If you are using Square, use it directly from the Trail’s End App to avoid any processing fees.

You can complete all of your sales from the App. We no longer need any of those paper forms. It’s easy and environmentally friendly. (Paper forms are available if you really need them).

There are NO delivery fees for on-line purchases anymore. This is now totally free.

Online sales begin now, so set up your accounts and download the APP. Stock are available for pick-up now at Popcorn command central: 255 Clark Street, Berea. We are now managing our inventory on the Trails End website, so please register if you do not already have an account, so I can keep track of your inventory

Questions, comments, concerns, favorite recipes……please contact:
Jeff Riskin
440 532 0416 silveriskin@sbcglobal.net

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