Popcorn Sale Update

As a reminder, it’s the time of year to take advantage of the opportunity to raise funds for your scouting adventures through popcorn sales! A couple of weeks ago, you should have received a link to invite you to log onto the Trail’s End website. Once you set up your user name / password, you can see your dashboard and explore the page. The blue drop down menu bar has a couple of short “how-to” videos that explain the program, use of the Trail’s End App, etc.

I would encourage each Scout to download the Trail’s End App to their tablet or mobile phone and use that as a lunch pad for sending out email or texts to family, friends, or any interested popcorn buyers. You can add a profile picture, and a message to personalize your fundraising request. It’s user-friendly and makes it easy for your potential popcorn buyer to see what’s available and make a selection.

The good news is, the popcorn is shipped directly to your customer. You don’t have to handle or deliver the product yourself! We’ve already received our first order! One other note- for those that may not love popcorn, Trail’s End also offers Campfire Blend Coffee K-Cups, pretzels, and honey roasted peanuts!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Jerry Frushour – Popcorn Kernel

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