Rechartering Deadline tomorrow

Rechartering will occur on Tuesday 11/29/16 and Tuesday 12/6/16 during the regularly scheduled troop meetings.

The cost to recharter without Boy’s Life is $55.
The cost to recharter with Boy’s Life is $66.

Checks should be made payable to Troop 701 and should be given to Shawna Serna. If your address and/or phone number have changed since registering with the troop please let us know at this time.

The deadline to recharter is the 12/6/16 troop meeting. All paperwork will be handed into council the following day. All medical forms (Part A&B) as well as the Discipline form and the transportation form must be up to date. If your information has changed or your form has expired please obtain the necessary form(s) from the troop website and bring your completed forms at the time of recharter. If you have any questions please see Shawna Serna.

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