Rotary Club Chili Open This Saturday

Calling all scouts and parents!

This Saturday is the Strongsville Rotary Club’s Chili Open Fundraiser. We need YOUR help to support our chartered organization in their biggest fundraiser of the year.

Special note for scouts needing the Eagle-required Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge:

One of the most challenging requirements for this badge is completing eight hours of service to a single charitable community organization. The Chili Open is one of only two service projects facilitated by Troop 701 that can be used to meet this requirement. The Duck Race (6/2/18), also sponsored by the Rotary, can be used to fulfill a portion of this requirement, but has historically only provided 6 hours of service for our scouts. If you wish to complete this Merit Badge this year, spending at least one shift at the Chili Open is a good idea!

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