Scout Account Clarification

Please note that the credits (whether by check or PayPal) and debits for rechartering will be posted through your scout’s Individual Scout Account (ISA) on TroopWebHost, since the troop needs to write a single check to the Lake Erie BSA Council. This activity in your ISA is necessary so we can see that your rechartering fee was paid. Summer camp and high adventure payments will similarly be credited to scout accounts.

Despite specifying a debit date of November 30, the charges for rechartering are unfortunately being posted by the program immediately. If you have paid for rechartering via check, we have a record of this payment, and a negative balance on your ISA won’t impact your scout’s ability to participate in December camp. Please remember that it takes several weeks for check payments to be credited in TroopWebHost, since the payments must be hand-entered by our treasurers.

Kudos to everyone who noticed the debit to their account! When you review your scout account credits and deposits regularly, it helps all of us catch any errors or omissions. Your ability to review your account is the primary reason for our switch to TroopWebHost, and our hope is that the transparency will help all of us improve the program for our scouts and families!

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