Scouting For Food Wrap-Up

I would like to offer a special thanks to the scouts and families who gave so generously to this year’s Scouting for Food project! All patrols met their goal in providing household items for five families who were selected through the Strongsville Food Bank. In addition, all patrols contributed numerous surplus items to the general stock of the Food Bank. In particular, the Sharks patrol gave well above and beyond expectations and warrants special recognition.  Each family we served received two banker boxes filled with grocery items and two banker boxes filled with household items.  The Food Bank coordinator and the families expressed sincere gratitude to our troop for our outpouring of generosity, both this year and through the years.  Thank you to Jennifer Keirn for meeting me at the Food Bank to assist with delivery.

It was a pleasure to coordinate this project again this year!
Mrs. DiFilippo.
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