Scouts BSA troops for girls in Brunswick

Scouts (and parents): If you have a sister (or daughter) who wishes she could participate in the fun, fellowship and friendships of Scouts BSA, there are two great options for them in the city of Brunswick. Scouts BSA Troop 7513 is a newly formed Scouts BSA troop for girls sponsored by St. Ambrose Catholic Parish. Troop 7407 is also based in Brunswick, sponsored by the Southwest Cuyahoga Recreation Center.

Girls aged 11-17 now can start their own journey to Eagle Scout, complete with merit badges, camping, hiking and the same citizenship, character, fitness, and leadership lessons as the boys.

The new year is the best time to join a troop: you can help decide what troop activities and events to plan and participate in this year. You can be a part of troop leadership. You can spend time in an all-girl environment which provides a safe space to try new activities, stumble with them, and get back up determined to accomplish them.

With a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, events, and programming, Scouts BSA has a place for every girl. If you’d like to get started on your next adventure, email to learn more about Troop 7513. For information on Troop 7407, you can visit their webpage at

Note: Neither Troop 7513 nor 7407 are affiliated with Troop 701 or its sponsor, the Strongsville Rotary Foundation.

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