“Scout’s Own” Products Fundraiser

“Scout’s Own” started at Beaumont Scout Reservation in Northeast Ohio. The “Scout’s Own Maple Syrup” is produced by tapping maple trees at Beaumont. This year, our scouts can put their entrepreneurial skills to work by selling the Maple Syrup, Pancake Mix, and Corn Bread/Muffin Mix to fund their Scout Accounts!

The 8 oz. bottle of Maple Syrup sells for $12.00. The Troop receives $2.50 and the Scout’s Account is credited $2.50. The Pancake Mix and Corn Bread Mix sell for $10.00 each, with the Troop receiving $2.00 and the Scout’s Account being credited $2.00.

Scouts should start selling now to friends, family, and neighbors! Final orders are due March 31st. Forms have been sent home, and more are available as needed. Contact Kim Brown at 440-897-0880 if you have any questions (if you text Kim, please leave your name!).

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