Scrip Quick and Easy

We have a new way to order popular scrip products in time for the holidays. We have made it quick, easy, and convenient for you so that you can take advantage of this fundraiser without spending time ordering at home. Gift cards make a great gift for teachers, bus drivers, hair dressers, mailmen, and teenagers. Or use them yourself to make everyday purchases and when buying holiday gifts. Share the order form with family and friends so they too can order while you receive the credit.

At the meetings on 11/29 and 12/6, we will have scrip order forms with a variety of retailers available including restaurants, sporting goods, gas stations, entertainment, and big box stores. There will also be Visa and Discover cards available. Choose your cards on 11/29 and 12/6. The cards will be available for pickup at the meeting on 12/13. Pay for the cards by cash or check at the time of order. If you have any questions, contact Linda Klaben at

How we made it quick and easy: – You do not need to sign up as a scrip user.
– You can order from a short list of popular retailers without looking through the long list.
– You can order when picking up your son from scouts on the nights of 11/29 and 12/6.
– The gift cards will be available at the meeting on 12/13.
– Pay for the cards (check or cash) at the time you place your order.


Download >> scrip_-_order_form_xmas_2016


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