Service Project Opportunity – Day at the Chalet

We just received a call for help from Ms. Amy McEntee with the organization “Arts in Strongsville” for their upcoming Day at the Chalet event on Sunday, September 15.

For the past several years, they have relied on another local Scouting organization to help them with setup and teardown for their event. They were just informed that the organization could not participate this year, and so they reached out to us in the hopes that we could provide some last minute help.

The setup for the event starts at 8 AM and primarily consists of setting up tables and chairs at the Chalet. The event runs from noon until 5 PM (we don’t need to be present for this), but they would ask for additional help for tear-down at five. They provide breakfast and lunch on the day of the event, and an invitation to a volunteer thank you dinner in October.

We know that our Scouts and families already have a very busy schedule with camping and other volunteer activities. However, this is an opportunity to make a huge difference to a local organization whose focus is enriching the lives of Strongsville residents.

Would you please consider whether your Scout and family members would be able to help on September 15? Any amount of time you can give will be greatly appreciated by this group. Please signup on TroopWebHost by Wednesday morning so we can let Ms. McEntee know how much help we can provide.

Thank you!

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