Sgt. Clean’s Car Wash Fundraiser

I will be wrapping up the Sgt. Clean’s Car Wash Fundraiser in the next few weeks. Please let me know by Tuesday, February 2nd if you would like any additional cards to sell. Money needs to be turned in by Tuesday, February 16th.

Now that the troop has some in-person activities, we can arrange to meet at drop off and pickup times for you to get cards or turn in money.

The cards sell for $5.00 each. The $5.00 card is good for one $15.00 car wash, $15.00 off an upgraded wash package, or for $15.00 off the first month of an unlimited monthly pass (new monthly passes only). The cards can be used at any of the 6 Sgt. Clean’s locations. Details and car wash addresses are on the car wash cards. $2.50 from every card you sell goes to your scout account. If you do not sell all the cards you take, you can return unsold cards.

If you have any questions contact me.

Linda Klaben

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