Shop With Scrip Bonus Day

Shop With Scrip is having their annual Thank-scrip-ing Day promotion on Tuesday, November 22nd. It’s a great time to purchase gift cards since many retailers will have bonus rebates for the one day promotion. Use the gift cards as a present or use them for your own purchases. Either way, you will be earning money for the troop and for your son. Why pay full price when you can use Shop With Scrip gift cards?

Which retailers will be having bonus rebates is a surprise until November 22nd. Some of the normal rebates are: Panera – 9%, O’Charley’s – 13%, Old Navy – 14%, Chipoltle – 10%, Boston Market – 12%, Regal Cinema – 10%. On Thank-scrip-ing Day, the rebate will be higher for many retailers.

If you would like to sign up to use scrip, contact Linda Klaben at You need to be signed up prior to Tuesday, November 22nd to take advantage of Thank-scrip-ing Day.

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