Shop with Scrip Fundraiser

For those who currently purchase gift cards through ShopWithScrip, they are having their Thank-Scrip-ing Day promotion again this year.

For 24 hours on Thursday, November 26, dozens of retailers will have bonus rebates.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of this easy fundraiser.  Gift cards make a great present! If you use ShopWithScrip for another organization such as Incarnate Word, after you reach your yearly goal, consider switching your default organization to Troop 701.

If you are not currently a ShopWithScrip user, please consider signing up.  Go to  and click on “shop” to browse participating retailers and rebate percentages.  Gift cards are purchased at the face value of the card with a percentage of the amount being returned to Troop 701 as a rebate.  Half of the rebate amount stays with Troop 701 while the other half goes into your son’s scout account.  Rebate percentages vary by retailer with many being over 10%.  Please contact Linda Klaben at for details.

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