Social Distancing During Troop Activities

We are very excited for the non-virtual troop activities that are planned over the next few weeks. It is very important, however, for us all to remember that we need to pay close attention to social distancing for the safety of our Scouts, our families, and our community. Please follow these guidelines during all troop events:

  1. Please remember that Ohio’s Stay-at-Home order is in effect until May 1. The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where social distancing is difficult to maintain. Please note that the cloth face coverings should be used in addition to other social distancing measures, not instead of them.
  2. Next weekend’s hike certainly is permissible as an outdoor activity even under the Stay-at-home order. Please remember that we need to follow the social distancing guidelines of staying six feet away from anyone who is not in our household, covering our coughs and sneezes into our elbow, and washing hands frequently and well. It fits right in with the Outdoor Code – “to be clean in my outdoor manners” and “to be considerate in the outdoors.”
  3. For all of the activities we have planned, please participate and have a great time with members of your household. Do not meet up with other members of the troop for these activities. If you happen to see a fellow Scout and their family, give them a warm greeting from a distance of six feet!

Our leaders are exploring ways to further expand troop activities over the next several months, but keeping everyone in our 701 family safe is our top priority. Please remember to follow these and all public health guidelines.

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