Star Wars Camp – A Message From Your SPL

Senior Patrol Leader George here,  I’m really excited for this camp and I hope everyone else is too! I have a few packing reminders for everyone you prepare for camp. First of all, make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes and lots of layers. The weather will be cold, but as long as you’re prepared, you don’t have to be. It is also extremely important that everyone brings a water bottle. This will be your only drink for lunch, and it’s no fun to be dehydrated. Similarly, make sure to bring a day pack to carry your stuff to activities. All scouts should also bring tarps. As always, these will be used to help keep tents dry on the bottom, but this month they are also an extremely important part of an awesome activity we have planned. If we do not get enough tarps that can be used to block light, we will be unable to do this activity.

To summarize:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Water Bottle
  • Day Pack
  • Tarps, Tarps, and more Tarps

    In addition to these supplies, there are also some things that are optional, but highly encouraged to bring. These items will help you and your patrol really get into the Satr Wars theme and have a great time with it. These are:

  • Toy Lightsabers
  • Nerf Guns (just for looks, no darts)
  • Cardboard
  • Duct Tape (Patrol Color)

    I can’t wait to see everyone at camp!

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