Important Summer Camp Early Bird Deadline Details

The expected amount of 2017 Heritage Summer Camp  Registration this year is $400 or $425 if paid after Early Bird deadlines.  (This does not include busing costs which in years past have been fully funded by successful fundraising.  )

New for this year, Heritage Scout Reservation has changed their Early Bird Payment deadlines.  In years past Heritage only asked for a down-payment to receive Early Bird discounts.  This year and moving forward the Camp is asking for payments in full by 4/1 to get the discount.  Because the troop will be making payments in full by 4/1 on behalf of early bird campers,  it’s important that all scouts wishing to take advantage of the discount, pay two of the three payments by April 1st.

To take advantage of the $25 Early Bird savings, scouts must have their first two summer camp payments made in full prior to the 4/1 Early Bird deadline date.  The first payment of $200 is due 2/21/17 and the second payment of $200 is due 3/21/17.   Again, this is only for scouts and families seeking to take advantage of early bird savings.

The troop is providing two new additional fundraisers in addition to our Spring Easter Seals drive to help scouts pay for camp and to pay for camp.  It’s very important that all families participate in these two fundraisers to help offset the costs.  The $400 payment is approximate and based on the forward looking assumption that we will have successful fundraising efforts to offset the estimated $3,500 in transportation costs.

Both fundraisers are mentioned in this week’s Message of the Week. Please review them now and please participate!

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