Summer Camp – July 7th-13th

One of the best weeks of the scouting year is almost here! We will be leaving for Heritage Scout Reservation on Sunday, July 7th, and will spend an awesome week at Camp Liberty, returning home on Saturday, July 13th. Here is some important info about camp:

From Chapman Elementary School at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, July 7 (note the departure time). In order to load the bus and ensure we depart on time, please arrive at the school no later than 8:00 a.m. Scouts must wear their Scout uniform (shirt, shorts or pants, Scout socks; no neckerchief) when traveling. No exceptions! Each Scout is to have a packed lunch, including beverage, to be eaten on the bus. Ensure your Scout has his spending money, rain jacket, and lunch with him on the bus, not packed with his gear. Parents are invited to bring cameras for a troop picture prior to departure.

You are encouraged to send mail to your son, and it is recommended that you mail anything out this week, so that it will arrive while we are at camp. More information about mail, including the mailing address for camp, can be found in the linked Summer Camp Informational Document below.

Please make sure that you son has all of his prescription medication with him to bring on to the bus, not packed in his duffel bag. All medication MUST be in its original packaging when submitted, then packed into a clear zip-top bag marked with the Scout’s name.

It is important that everyone brings the typical gear you will need for a tent camp, like rain gear (bring it with you on the bus), a flashlight/headlamp, water bottle, your white/green advancement book (packed in a ziploc bag), and a comfortable pair of shoes or hiking boots. Please also bring a camp chair, ground tarp, and a notebook and a pen or pencil. Shower facilities are available (a Scout is Clean!), so please pack soap, shampoo, deodorant, and your toothbrush/toothpaste. You should also bring a pair of sandals to wear in the shower, along with bringing a string bag or small daypack to pack your stuff in when traveling to and from the shower house.

For clothing, although it is summer time, you should still pack a hoody and a jacket layer, along with a pair of long pants. We will also have a troop T-shirt day during the week, so everyone needs to bring a 701 Troop T-shirt. Please pack a swimsuit and towel, even if you aren’t signed up for any aquatic merit badges. It is also a good idea to pack an extra pair of shoes and an extra towel (one towel for the lake, and one for showering). Please make sure that any shoes you will be wearing around camp are closed-toe. And don’t forget to pack some sunscreen.

In addition to your personal gear, please bring any special or specific gear that is required for a merit badge you are signed up for. That information, along with any pre-requisite requirements you need to complete, can be found in the linked merit badge document in the merit badge section of the Message of the Week. And lastly, please put your name on all of your gear!

The Summer Camp Informational Document linked below has a lot of additional helpful information about camp. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to an Adult Leader. Let’s have a great week of camp!

Summer Camp Information

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