Summer Camp Merit Badge & Activities Survey

Beaumont Scout Reservation, our home for Summer Camp this year, is in the process of determining which merit badges and activities they will be offering this summer. They have developed a quick survey that allows each Scout attending camp to submit their top-10 choices for the merit badges and activities they would like to see available to choose from. Here is a link to the survey:

Summer Camp Merit Badge Survey

Our troop is attending the Week 5 session of camp, and for the Unit Number box, please type in 701B. We are asking each Scout attending Summer Camp this year to please submit a survey by April 30th. This is not your sign-up for the merit badges you will be taking at camp. This is just a survey to determine which badges will be available. We will be doing our Summer Camp merit badge sign-ups at an upcoming Troop meeting next month.

Thanks so much for your participation!

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