Summer Camp Update

As we have previously published and discussed, the troop was aware that we might need to re-evaluate our plans for our 2021 Summer Camp experience. We have received information this week that has forced an early re-evaluation that we would like to share with you.

In summary, Troop 701 summer camp will take place at Beaumont Scout Reservation (not Heritage) during the week of July 18-23 (the same dates originally planned).

The information from Heritage that forced this pivot includes:
1. All out of state units would need to produce negative COVID test results for all campers within three days of their arrival at camp, or would need to quarantine for 10 days off-site before they would be allowed on the reservation.
2. If a unit arrives by bus, the temperature of everyone on the bus would be checked, and if any individual had a temperature greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the entire bus would be turned away.
3. The merit badge system will follow the system at Beaumont, so there would be no benefit for our Scouts in terms of merit badge achievements.
4. Heritage will be enforcing one-Scout-per-tent, including the platform tents on-site. This would mean that a large proportion of our Scouts would not be accommodated on the platforms, and the sites at Heritage (while beautiful) are rocky and not level. This would lead to uncomfortable tenting arrangements for many of our Scouts.

This information made it apparent that a trip to Heritage was not in the best interests of our Scouts for this year. The troop was able to secure sites at Beaumont, and we look forward to having a great summer camp experience with our Scouts there once again.

The early bird cost for Beaumont is $370, so slightly lower than the cost we had planned.

If any families wish to change their plans for summer camp (either choosing to join the troop for camp, or choosing not to attend), please simply change your Scout’s sign-up status on TroopWebHost.

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