Superhero Polar Bear Camp This Week – Sign Up Now / Important Info

Polar Bear Camp is this Saturday – please signup now through TroopWebHost.  We will meet at Chapman the morning of Saturday January 13th at 9:00 AM at Chapman.

Since Polar Bear is an outdoor Winter experience here are some final points and reminders to help prepare.

  • Do not forget ground pads
  • Snow boots and winter pants are must – plan on the possibility for wet or muddy ground
  • Extra Hats and Gloves. Gloves need to be insulated winter gloves.
  • Scouts should all be bringing large tarps and rope twine for shelter building
  • Bring extra sleeping bags and/or blankets for additional warmth.
  • All scouts should bring 5 large garbage bags for any wet or muddy gear
  • All scouts should bring a FILLED water bottle. Too many scouts did not bring water bottles to November camp. Staying hydrated in the Winter is just as important
  • If you want hot chocolate or other hot beverages, be sure to bring it and a cup. The troop provides hot water only.

Don’t forget too to read our post on food preparation which is also posted in this week’s Message of the Week.

Questions? Bring them Tuesday night.


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