Tents are here (mostly)!

We have received our first order of tents, so if your family responded to the Tent Commitment survey before 8/18/20, we have your tent!

We will bring these tents to the meeting on Tuesday, and will work to distribute them AFTER all the Scouts have had their temperatures checked and attendance logged.

If you requested a tent, and if we have your tent for you, we will debit your Scout Account for the $60. If you do not have a positive balance in your Scout Account, please plan to bring a check or cash (or make a payment on PayPal) on Tuesday. If you had funds left over from the lower cost of summer camp, or from any prior camps or fundraising efforts, these funds can definitely be used for this purchase.

If you have not yet responded that you want to purchase a tent, please let us know ASAP. The second and final tent order will be placed at the end of this week, and we will not be able to honor the troop committee subsidy after this time.

Thank you all for your cooperation with this process – this was a big order and a big change in the way our Troop camps, and all of you made the commitment process very smooth. Thank you, and we wish your Scout years of happy camping in these tents!

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