Travel Camp Planning Info

This Friday we head south to Mammoth Caves! Below is some very important information to help you prepare for a successful camp.

Important: If you signed up to drive, we need ALL drivers to arrive at Chapman at 11:45AM this Friday. If you have other departure plans, please be sure to share that with Laura Eizember and Jeff Tirey if you have not done so already.   Seating is extremely tight and we are counting on all drivers arriving to help transport the scouts. There are only 2 open seats across the entire group, so all drivers are needed to transport everyone.   A printed map, including all stops, will be shared with each driver at Chapman.  Please be sure your vehicle is in good working condition and fully fueled prior to your arrival at Chapman- a breakdown on a road trip will delay the entire group.  We will have a drivers meeting at Chapman with Scoutmaster Tirey just prior to our departure.


We estimate that each scout needs to bring $40 cash for meals out.  If you wish for your scout to have some spending money for the Mammoth Caves National Park Gift shop, please plan accordingly.   Below is a break-down of our meals.

Meet at Chapman at  11:45AM for Noon departure already having had Lunch
Friday Night, road trip fast-food dinner ($10)
Friday Night Snack at Camp
Saturday Morning Camp Breakfast
Saturday Afternoon Camp Lunch
Saturday Night, Dinner Out at sit-down restaurant – ($20)
Saturday Night Snack at Camp
Sunday Camp Breakfast
Sunday Afternoon, road trip fast food lunch ($10)


All Scouts for Saturday will wear Class B Uniforms. This means troop t-shirt, scout pants or shorts and scout socks if wearing shorts.

All scouts are required to bring a water bottle. A lightweight backpack or string sack is a good idea.

While not required, scouts are encourage to bring a small Saturday afternoon trail mix style snack.

The cave will be about 54 degrees F.  Hiking boots with socks and light jacket are a very good idea. BSA zip-off leg pants are suggested.

This is still tent camping, please pay attention to the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.

For all adult campers who enjoy morning coffee, hot water will be provided. Please bring your own single serving coffee and mug.

All adult campers should bring their own tent.  If you do not have a tent, please speak to Mr. Horan this Tuesday.


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