Troop 701 COVID Policy Reminder

Please remember the following guidelines as our scouting activities resume in 2022:

  1. Anyone who is currently sick, who is awaiting a COVID test result, OR who has had a close contact with someone with known COVID should not attend any troop activity. For isolation and quarantine, we ask that you follow the guidelines from the CDC, which can be found at this site:

CDC Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines

  1. For any positive COVID tests (or presumed COVID cases if testing is not available), please contact Laura Eizember or Wes Kent if the person who is ill has attended a troop event within 48 hours of getting sick or getting a positive test. We will help with anonymously informing the troop of the potential exposure.
  2. For now, masks are required while indoors at any troop activity.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep everyone safe during our scouting adventures!

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