Troop 701 Hammock Policy

Hammocks are becoming more popular as a method of camping, but there are skills and knowledge that are necessary to make sure hammocks are safe. Troop 701 has initiated a Hammock Safety protocol and training to make sure our Scouts are well prepared to use hammocks in a responsible, safe manner.

The troop’s policy is that Scouts must have completed their 8th grade year, have reviewed the hammock safety protocol with a parent or guardian, and have written permission from a parent or guardian to be permitted to use hammocks in an outdoor activity with Troop 701.

The Safety Training document and Parental Consent form with the Troop Protocol are attached.

If your son wishes to use a hammock at summer camp, and meets the age and training requirements in the policy, please make sure to sign the consent form and return it to Dan Hughes by the Family Picnic on June 27.

Thanks for your cooperation as we work to keep all of our Scouts safe!

Hammock Policy

Hammock Safety Training

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