Troop Advancement Update

Spring Troop Court of Honor Summary for May 20, 2019:

Congratulations from all the Troop leaders on the work our scouts have put forth!

A summary of the evening follows…

31 Ranks were earned by our scouts during this Court of Honor season.

Broken down there were…
8 – Scout ranks earned;
1 – Tenderfoot;
9 – 2nd Class;
4- 1st Class;
4 – Star; and
4 – Life Ranks.

2 Bronze Palms and 1 Gold Palm were earned also.

Our scouts also applied themselves to 25 different merit badges with the total merit badges being earned at a count of 51.

100 Nights of Camping was earned by 1;
50 Nights of Camping was earned by 5;
1 scout became a Boot Club 75-miler recipient;
9 scouts earned their 1st Night of Camping award; and
6 new scouts earned Year Round Camper and 2 scouts have earned this award more than once.

We are truly an awesome troop!!!

Mr. Smith

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