Troop Court of Honor – Tuesday, May 19th, 6:30 PM

This coming Tuesday is the Troop’s Spring Court of Honor, and you don’t want to miss it!
For this event, we’re bringing all of the nostalgic feels of a drive-in, with a modern twist.
Here’s what you’ll need to attend the event:

  1. Wear your full Class A Uniform, including your neckerchief and any sashes;
  2. Your family in the family’s vehicle;
  3. A mobile phone;
  4. A charging cable to keep your mobile device powered; and
  5. Snacks to enjoy during the event.

Have your parent/guardian drive you and your family to the event, which will take place at the Strongsville Recreation Center parking lot. When you arrive, you will be directed to a parking location. From there, you’ll watch the ceremony from the comfort of your vehicle.

Connect to Zoom to receive the audio portion of the event. You can connect using the telephone dial-in number, or the internet link provided that you have a smartphone with data plan. You’ll need to connect to Zoom in one of those two ways to hear the presentation and know what is going on during the ceremony. The Zoom login information will be provided the day of the event so please keep a lookout for it. Don’t forget to bring the login information with you to the event so that you have it handy. You don’t need to activate your video as attendees will be focused on the drive-in stage from the seats of their vehicle. All participants’ Zoom microphones will be muted during the event so that everyone can clearly hear the presenters.

This remains a social distancing event. Each scout will be recognized individually with only one scout out of their vehicle at a time. Please listen for the instructions when it’s time for your scout to exit his vehicle and come to the stage to get his patches and/or awards. He’ll do so by proceeding to the stage to pick up an envelope that will be waiting for him on the table located front and center. The envelope will be the only item on the table, and will be marked with his name on it. Scouts should follow the markings on the parking lot directing scouts where to go.

Fellow scouts may indicate their congratulations by giving a quick toot of the horn on their family’s vehicle. (The Troop requests that you wait to honk until the scout has retrieved his envelope at the front stage; and, one honk per family, please.)

After the scout has received his awards and accolades, he should return to his vehicle so that the next scout can be recognized.

If you have grandparents or other family members that would like to view the event, but for whatever reason they cannot attend in person, you can provide them with the Zoom login information and the Troop will live stream a video feed of the stage and the event audio to them.
To help with parking, please see the attached diagram.


We are asking for drivers to take staggered positions when you park your vehicle, so no one will be too close in case the night is nice enough for open windows. We think that this staggered arrangement will still allow your family to see our Master of Ceremonies and to participate in our celebration.

You may park facing the stage, or with the back of your vehicle toward the stage – your choice.

If you have an oversized vehicle, please park in the rows farther from the stage to avoid blocking the view for those behind you.

Thank you!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you all at the event!

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