TroopWebHost Is Here!

Troop 701 is pleased to introduce a new troop management program, TroopWebHost. This site will eventually allow parents and scouts to access not only calendars, signups and some advancement information, but also scout account balances and PayPal-based payments with lower fees than EventBrite charged. We have made the decision to move to this new system to improve access to your scout account balances and troop communications. The Troop 701 website will remain, with TroopWebHost functioning as an “intranet” system with functionality only available to registered members.

Your Troop Committee continues to work to set up the full functionality of the site. For now, the troop finances will not reflect your current scout account balance. We hope to have that function up-and-running before September camp.

For now, TroopWebHost will replace EventBrite for activity and camp signups.

Please expect an email invitation to the site within the next 3 days. If your email has recently changed, please contact Laura Eizember ( directly to receive your invitation. Every individual (scout, parent, etc) who wishes to have access will need to have an email on file to receive an invitation.

Some families have already received a list of upcoming dates in an email from “Troop 701 Strongsville” but have not been able to log in. Whether you have received these preliminary emails yet or not, everyone should have access to the system by later this week. Once you are logged in, you can expect an email from the system weekly showing the status of your signups and (when available) your scout account balance.

Thank you for your patience as we implement this new system!

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