Uniform Reminders and Expectations

Now that the weather is turning nicer and we are back to meeting in-person every week, we wanted to remind everyone of our uniform expectations for our various meetings and activities.

For our normal weekly Troop meetings, the official dress uniform (“Class A”) should be worn. This consists of BSA olive uniform pants or shorts, a khaki BSA uniform shirt with shoulder loops and patches in place, and a scout belt. The uniform shirt should be properly tucked into the pants. If the Scout opts to wear the BSA shorts, their socks should be official BSA socks. The troop neckerchief does not need to be worn. In addition to our weekly Troop meetings, the Class A uniform is also expected to be worn or brought to other activities, like summer camp, Father/Son Camp, Christmas Camp, and other specific service projects and events.

For formal occasions, like Courts of Honors, the official dress uniform is augmented with the troop neckerchief and slide, and merit badge sash or Order of the Arrow sash.

For our Advancement Night meetings, a Scout can dress however he pleases, as long as his clothing is Scouting appropriate.

Troop 701 also has an activity uniform (“Class B”), consisting of the grey Troop t-shirt and BSA pants/shorts (remember to wear the BSA socks if you are wearing the shorts). The Class B uniform is worn at summer camp and many of our outdoor activities and service projects during the year.

We try to do our best to communicate the expected uniform before each of our activities, but if you aren’t sure, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, please remember our gear exchange if your Scout needs new uniform items, or when he has outgrown his old items. We do accept hiking boots that are clean and in good condition, so keep the exchange in mind after the inevitable growth spurts! Many thanks to all of you for your cooperation!

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