Upcoming Hiking Merit Badge Hikes

For those Scouts participating in the Hiking merit badge, or going on this year’s Philmont High Adventure trip, here are the dates for the upcoming 15 and 20 mile hikes:

Saturday, April 10th: 15-mile hike
Saturday, May 15th: 20-mile hike

We are still finalizing the location for these hikes, but they will most likely be along portions of the Towpath Trail.

Due to the length of these hikes, we are limiting attendance to only those Scouts who are working on the Hiking merit badge, and have completed at least three 10-mile hikes; as well as anyone going to Philmont this summer. Please sign up on TroopWebHost if you are planning to attend.

Since we were only able to offer three 10-mile hike opportunities so far this year, we are hoping to schedule another 10-mile hike sometime this spring or summer. This hike would be open for anyone to attend. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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