Upcoming January Events

We have scheduled a couple of events for later this month that we are hoping to be able to offer to our Scouts. As with the in-person troop meetings, the availability of these events will be based on what level Cuyahoga County is at in the Ohio Public Health Advisory System, and if there are any active Stay-at-Home advisories.

On Saturday, January 23rd, we will have the next 10-mile hike for the Hiking merit badge. All Scouts in Troop 701 are welcome to participate in the hike. However, please keep in mind that hikes of this length demand endurance and physical fitness. Additionally, Scouts participating in the 2021 Philmont trek are required to hike at least 50 miles with the merit badge group, so here is another opportunity to log some more miles. These hiking miles will also count towards Boot Club awards! We will be sharing more details about the hike over the next couple of weeks, so please keep your eyes open for that.

On Saturday, January 30th, we will be having a “Day Camp” for our January monthly camp activity. The event will be held at the Byzantine Catholic Monastery of St. Claire, on Cady Road, in North Royalton. Similar to our campouts from earlier this year, each Scout is responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Although we will not be camping overnight, everyone who attends will earn one night of camping, and this camp will also count towards any Year Round Camper and consecutive monthly camping streaks. However, please remember that if you need to miss a camp due to illness/quarantine, an absence will not end those streaks, so please stay home if you are not feeling well.

The cost for the camp will be $10, to help cover the costs of lunch and any supplies that are needed. The PLC is currently working on planning some really fun activities for camp, and we will share more details about those, as well as information on what gear to bring, over the next few weeks as well. Both the hike and the camp are posted on TroopWebHost, so please sign up if you are planning to attend.

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