Update from Lake Erie Council about Fall Camping

We received great news from Lake Erie Council this week. Troop weekend camping will be permitted this fall!

We will need to follow the state’s county-level, risk-based guidelines for gatherings, and all camps for now will need to take place on a BSA property. Firelands and Beaumont will be options, and we are hoping that Butler and Manatoc will also meet these criteria. Camp reservations will not open until the middle of August, but we will share our locations with you as soon as possible.

Preparations for a weekend camp will look much like the preparations for summer camp, with the mandatory fourteen day “Temperature and Prescreening Questionnaire” required of every participant. Sanitation of facilities will be robust, and groups will need to divide into patrols (“cohort groups”) that operate independently to minimize everyone’s exposure.

While we will need to adapt to these new requirements, we are excited that we will be able to camp together this fall and winter! Please stay tuned – we will share additional information with you as soon as possible!

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