Update from the Popcorn Kernel (Jeff Riskin):


With over $2800 in online sales, Troop 701 is currently in 3rd place for online sales in the council, and 2nd in the district. A big shout out to Elijah Anderson, who’s leading the way in online sales.


If you are placing a Take Order (if you made sales that you have to deliver) I have to know by Friday, November 2nd. We still have plenty of stock items, so if you haven’t gone door to door yet, there’s plenty of opportunity. After I have the Take Orders, we’ll plan or a Show and Sale or a neighborhood blitz to sell out any remaining stock. So far Nick Fischer is leading the way going door to door.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to pick up corn at:
Corn phone: (440) 532 0416 (textable number)
Corn Cave: 255 Clark St, Berea
Cornmail: silveriskin@sbcglobal.net

The popcorn sale should be wrapping up by Thanksgiving. Let’s push through with the enthusiasm and spirit that makes Troop 701 great!

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