Yard Charge!

The leaves will be falling before you know it and it’s time to start thinking about Troop 701’s Yard Charge! Yard Charge will be Saturday, November 7th, from 9 AM until Noon. However, Yard Charge will be a little different than in past years.

The Pandemic has put a few restrictions on the event, but I know we can rise to the challenge. We want everyone to be safe and still participate in a worthy cause.

If Cuyahoga County returns to the “red or “purple” risk status, we will need to limit all activities to groups made up of only members of a household (i.e. a family can rake together, but a group of Scouts cannot since they are in different households). We will assign sections of a yard (Front yard vs. back yard) to different households, and will ask the families to follow social distancing guidelines.

If Cuyahoga County remains in the “yellow” or “orange” category, we will limit groups to no more than 10 individuals, but will allow different households to work together. As of this time, there will be no carpooling. Just like camping, parents must drive their own Scout(s).

Please use the link to sign up for this event. The earlier you sign up, the better organized we can be on November 7th. We have 14 yards already! So please sign up early so we can help those in our community who really need it.


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