Year Round Camping Award – Multiple Recognitions

We announced at the Fall Court of Honor that beginning in the 2016 Spring Court of honor Scouts can now be recognized for earning the Year Round Camper award multiple times.  Beginning with the date of the Spring Court of Honor and moving forward, the Troop will keep records on a scout’s progress towards earning the Year Round Camper Award multiple times.

However, there is the matter of recognizing scouts currently in the troop who are eligible to earn the award multiple times, but have not yet been recognized.  Beginning now through to the advancement date cut-off for the Spring court of honor, if a scout believes he has earned the year round camper award, he must contact Scoutmaster Tirey with the approximate time-frame of earning the award.  The troop will then verify the scout’s camping attendance with our records in order to move forward with his Spring recognition.

Finally, we are in the process of re-designing the patch.  If a scout with artistic talent would like to make a patch design submission, please contact Scoutmaster Tirey for details.



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