Zoom Meeting Requests

  • Scouts, please use your actual first name when joining Zoom meetings (and do not change it during the meeting); adults please use your last name if possible. The meeting host uses your login name to place you in the proper breakout rooms; it’s hard to do that accurately when actual names are not used. To change your name, click or tap on participants. Computer users then click “more” > “rename”; smartphone users just tap on their current name and pick “rename” from the pop-up list.
  • Please logon to the meeting ten minutes in advance of the listed start time. You will automatically be placed in a waiting room until the meeting starts. The meeting host sees that you are in the waiting room and can assign you your breakout room number while you are there. This will speed things up once you join the meeting.
  • Please do not use the screen sharing feature during breakout sessions unless asked to do so by your Patrol Leader (or the other leader of the breakout session).
  • Please keep yourself on mute unless it’s your turn to talk. The Troop updated a setting on its Zoom account that was inadvertently preventing some users from un-muting themselves during the meeting after the host had removed the “mute all” restriction. This should make it easier for participants to mute and un-mute themselves as needed during the meeting.

Thanks for your cooperation to make our virtual meetings an enjoyable experience for all!

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